1146 S. Inglewood Ave Inglewood, CA 90301

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Perhaps, sometimes you might feel like wanting to do something out of routine…  Give yourself a chance!  



               Take a visit to ART LANDING, and when you least expect, you’ll feel like you left everything out, while getting immersed into a world of art and creativity where fantasy and imagination take a real shape.

                  Sure you’ll find something to look at, so start up a trip to your hiddeen emotions and inspirations.

                 From original Fine Art to colorful crafts and theme made to order products or from our stock.  celes Art Landing  offers you the right answer you needs: art objets, functionl art and other unique items to beautify your everyday life.

    It could be to diversify or extend your art collection, reorganize, redecorate or improve the athmosphere at your home, office and yes, parties and celebrations.

       An original piece is always a very good excuse to make up a nice conversation and great to cheer up your day. 

Our goal is also to encourage artistic talent in our community to get more involved in our sociocultural life, by bringing  the experience and work of local and international artists and art eduacators.       

  we are open for any suggestions