” I insist than an artist shuold be able to get rid off anything that harms the creative process, being an artist and get detached from ordinary life is not easy …and this circumstances may affect the resulting piece. for good or bad, but it won’t express the original intended concept “

            That is what Eduardo Bonilla states about one quality that an artist should have.
Himself has gone through those times, when it has been hard to escape from ordinary life to the life as an artist, to the real purpose an artist should have, to make art free of any kind of polution.

           His art is not intended to please any art experts, but to anyone who enjoys art that comes from the real inner self of an artist. His work is not intended to please any critics either, but to release his emotions or to communicate other situations he might want to express at a certain moment.

        He applies the same freedom to create, by using techniques and media without restrictions, but two things might have in common: textures and color, specially on painting, where we can always find different stories or scenarios in just one piece, regardless it might look minimalistic at the first view.

2016-10-26 22.19.44 (2).jpg

                    The Boys and The Girls

          I have been very fortunate to have met and shared exhibits with fantastic artists who happen to be awsome persons as well, there is men like Antonio Escalante, Mariano Cinat, David Haig-Alexander, Farzad Kohan, Simon Sanaanas, Jose Angel Hernandez, Miguel Osuna, David Hernandez to mention a few, and other important men that have been on the road inspiring me like the Gallerist Omar Olguin from La Mancha Gallery, or Mat Gleason curator of Gallery I-5 at the Brewery, who gave me the confidence that I needed to get into Los Angeles art galleries.

Impossible not to mention James Bandy, my number one collector, my teacher, my dearest friend. He shared with me the best art events in L. A. introduced me to great artists and talented musicians like Daniel Rosenboom (listening his awsome music made me create some of my artworks that I enjoyed the most).

Dance Of The Cosmic Minds

       But this time, I am going to talk about the ladies on my road in the art world :

I have to say that I am fortunate to have been supported and influenced by extraordinary women all along in my art life, this time I am only going to mention some of the Ladies beginning in Los Angeles 2003 with :

Josefina Aguilar of Espressso Mi Cultura

Josefina Aguilar of Espressso Mi Cultura kindly allowed my first solo exhibits in such an influencer venue at the good times, when she managed the place.

DJ Cinnamon Twist with AMP Director Terri Anderson

Terri Anderson director of AMP, fantastic person, efficient director of a great international organization, She gave me the opportunity to be part of the hottest time of the art movement in L.A. metropolitan area in many galleries, such as the famous Phantom Galleries.

Sandra Mastroianni & Abraham Szmukler

Sandra Mastroianni unforgettable fun times with Sandra and the crew of artists at Cactus Gallery, energy and great example of hardworking.

Jazmin Ferrari with artist Farzad Kohan 

Jazmin Ferrari former J.Ferrari Gallery owner, a very great artists, fabulous person and fun friend, we shared the passion for the arts, very supportive and generous.

Juliana Martinez

          Juliana Martinez, admirable, alguien de quien he aprendido, comparti exhibiciones y otras aventuras en el mundo del arte, siempre animandome a crear mas y mas.

Lisa Cabrera working on a community mural.

          Lisa Cabrera, My begginings in the art shows were shared with great artists Lisa, I liked being around her becouse of her positive attitude,  always with a smile and willingness to give a hand.

Sofia Louisa

   Sofia Louisa, a beautiful person, insisde and outside, Another great artist and talented actress that I admire since we shared an axhibit at J R Gallery at Redondo Beach.

hqdefault (2).jpg

    Angela Maria Ortiz S., my dear Angela, accion is the word to describe her, another positive attitude that I enjoyed, we met at the beggining of Plural Expression and shared the best moments in the art shows and of course I will never forget the antro nights.

Ceylan Hulya Lisa and Lisa Rasmussen


  Ceylan Hulya Lisa and Lisa Rasmussen,  equilibrium and balance, spirit and art, Lisa and Ceylan from Art4Allpeople faboulous artists, fantastic persons. I lived with them the experience to connect the creativity and the cosmic energy and to be manifested through art like in the Yogart Workshops where I also met another fantastic positive woman: Ana Netanel.

with pencils.jpg
Anna Maly

      Anna Maly, light and strong, supportive, very very  creative, always positive and full of contagiuous energy, pure love.

Yvonne Flores …if you want to meet someone nice, that’s Yvonne. A Fine Lady, I will always remember her generousity, Yvonne along with Jose,awsome persons, aerlovers and supporters,They let me feel like my own place when I had some exhibits at her gallery 211 and marked my timeline in exhibiting in Orange County, thus opening doors for shows at Townley Galery in Laguna Beach and OCCCA

Candy Hills

From Rainwater Gallery Huntinton Beach, Candy Hills, another Fantastic girl ready to live, share and enjoy the art life. Candy was another inspiration and motivation on my road. She’s got a casual good vibe that makes you feel relaxed. She’s awesome.

maria teresa chavez mural.jpg
Maria Teresa Chavez

           Maria Teresa Chavez, a long time friend many experiences shared together, support, strenght, team working. best I learnt from her is to be fearless in creating. My teacher in art techniques, a friend and partner in many cultural actions.

Sheryl Benjy

       Sometimes you are lucky to find a diamond in unexpected places, Sheryl Benjy was like a unique jewel I found. We met at an Art Fest in Culver City. A person that is loved by fam and friends because she loves them as well, and that attitude is expressed in all her ceative processes. At that time I didn’ know how important she was going to become to my art life and choices, like when in my downs I used to read her fantastic words and messages in her blogs; specially one that is in my mind everytime I need to keep up; and the same one that impulsed me to take the challenge of Art Landing

Along with the boys,  Plural Expression 2017 is starting fabulous, more than 20 atrists In this first show, at Art Landing Gallery, all of them with impressive artwork and career. The mayority of the artists are girls, so I am pretty sure that the list of women that have influenced my art life will go on increasing.

I am blessed.
I Love you all

art landing.jpg

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