ART LANDING Grand Opening Reception Plural Expression 2017 ART EXHIBITION


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As announced days before, on August 12, 2017, Art Landing Gallery celebrated its opening and started activities hosting a reception for the First Event onsite:

PLURAL EXPRESSION 2017 A Talented Art Group Exhibition

The opening day started with the arrival the First Guests right on time at 5 pm,:

Mrs. Maxine Waters From the House Of Representatives for California’s 43rd District, in company of U. S. Diplomat, Former NFL player Mr. Sidney Williams. Also on time was present Mr.Gualberto Benitez President of Benitez Properties, followed by City of Inglewood 3rd District Councilman Eloy Morales Jr. and Blanca Jimenez, District Director Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Art Landing Gallery was honored in receiving a Certificate of Recognition from Congresswoman Maxine Waters Office and happy to found out that she is a real supporter of the socio cultural actions in our communities,

The time Mrs Waters was there, she enjoyed the Artwork and she was really involved in the projects and plans cited in the conversations.

We are Art Landing are so proud to have had her as our first guest in steping into the Gallery, because after that, everything else run so casual, so filled good energy of the Artists, surrounded of nice people and superb Artworks, all kinds to satisfy any personal taste.

Artists and guests continued arriving all throuh the evening: families, friends, neighbors, art lovers, all joined in a social activity where each of us made a paper plane, wrote words on it and threw it to fly around, it was fun seeing the good time everybody was having.

The Benjy’s Family, Diana Simon with Mom and Friends, my new friend artist Pascaline, awsome Ian Mark, Stephanie from Vegas, what a nice gril and talented artist, Cristina and Fam, Katie, Eduardo, David and Justin enjoying and helping out. Nirali Narges and Torange, another group of nice girls. beautiful inside and outside, supertalented. same as Chloe among the young big talents of the exhibition.

Emotional and entartaining was the Performance By Celestine, whose good vibe and her fantastice sense of humor was the top of the cake to make guests feel more comfortable then they already were.

Also Emotional was the moment of the Toast and words by Gallerists and Artists, the good wishes and fantastic projets were the main subject.

Success is the word to describe the first event.

We appreciate the support of all artists and people involved in this project, planned with heart and passion for the Arts, beleiving always that creativity is within each human being,

And that is part of our mission: to become an inspiration for people and get them involved in becoming more confident and assertive individuals,

and then together make a different positive world by means of visual arts, performance, workshops, socio-culrtural events. thus leading a person to become more confident citizen in our societies.

The City of Champions makes a hit again. With projects like Art Landing, Inglewood might become The City of The Arts as well, …why not? this City has it all for that.



Gallery Hours

11 am to 9 pm

Mondays closed


1146 S Inglewood Ave

Inglewood Ca. 90301

ph: 1-213- 858 2144







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