Mexican Flora ….La Flora Mexicana

It is the first Individual Art  Exhibition and no doubt it is one of the best art  shows of the season around the city.

Produced by Tere Chavez and exhibited first in Morocco,  now the collection travels to USA to be shown in several places starting at ART LANDING GALLERY.

Teresa Chavez, a noted Zacatecan artist, has more than two decades in the art world, her most recent experience is having exhibited her work for the first time in Morocco.  where the series was made.
la foto 4 (2).JPG
Faced with the urgency of the montage of the gallery, Chavez settled in a medina – a walled center where the oldest of the cities is located – a mystical and silent place near the sea, an environment that made it reflect and inspired to finish the collection.
la foto 2 (5).JPG
At the end, the series was completed by 35 pieces under the old technique better known as egg tempering on paper and cotton, in which their brushstrokes shaped the Mexican flora, since the sample framed the execution of the COP22 Climate Summit in Marrakesh.

Representing Mexico worthily, the artist took advantage of the opportunity to project her art, this time the work reflected the beauty of the semi-desert zone of Zacatecas, where each path included palms, cacti, peyotes, lechuguilla, etc.

la foto 5 (2).JPG

It should be noted that Tere Chávez has more than 100 collective exhibitions and about 40 individual exhibitions in Japan, Cuba, the United States, Germany, France, Ecuador and Peru. She also stands out in the context of conceptual muralism, which has positioned her as a multifaceted woman that excels in the contemporary art.

The Exhibition is open to the public from October 14 to November 14

 brief conferences and a Q & A Reception with the artists is Scheduled

for Thursday  October 19  Starting  at 6:pm

at Art Landing Gallery Located on 1146 S. Inglewood Ave Inglewood Ca 90301

conference art landing.png

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