Art Show About Women

The response for the art exhibition went beyond expectations in number of artists and resumes, best quality of the artworks in styles to satisfy every taste of art lovers.

Art Landing Gallery gallery landed another hit with “Art Show About Women” including more then 30 talented artists displaying more than 70 pieces. Each of one, telling something about their experiences, their stories, their emotions, their journeys, their own interpretations of their visions by means of their own way to manifest it, from a traditional to the most conceptual form of expression with a very impressive creativity.

At the opening reception the space was filled with the best athomsphere, with the energy of artists and guests from all continents, people from around the country and around southern california including locals.

It was like 5:30, Valentina was there detailing her iteractive computer programmed conceptual pieces . Paty was finishing details for the reception. I could greet Dear Karen the second artist to arrive,  then Juliana, Naggy, then I see Dori, ….and all of a sudden the hall started to get crowded: Nina, Debbie, Wendy, Bonsalles, Roxy, Connie, Leticia, Ernesto, Marz, Katie, Jora Sara, Ellen, Jasimen, Hanna, Sylvia, then I lost count with so many peole (final count 300). Sad Robyn, Lizeth, Patricia, Nicole and Grace couldn’t make it t ….I also missed my dear friends Lynda and Tasha, (hope they could join us ).

We were happy to greet Omar Holguin, Director of la Mancha Gallery who congratulated women artists in this show, and talked about very important projects and activities in mutual collaborations.

The Reception could not be better: our Very Special Guest was the light of the evening, Honorable Michelle V. Duman, what a fine wonderful Woman. Her fantastic vibe and kind attitude made everyone feel good, everyone was pleased to hava a converstation with her and Michelle was always willing to talk to anyone who approached her and she was enjoying everyone, as well as enjoying the exhibition. We all listened with attention to her words, enjoyed her comments and the inspirational anecdotes she shared with the audience.

Just like she does in her life, in her career involved in advocacy for others, Michelle never showed tiredness at any minute.  We all deeply apreciate her visit, we are so honored to have her as our special guest of this exhibition. Michel V Dunuman is the right example of a strong proactive Woman with senstivity to understand and real conviction to reach the goals.

At one time Resident Artist Juliana Martinez, a Women loved by many many, including myself, made us lol with her funny but certainly meaningful words, this girl really should be on stage. God bless her always.

Marz was the only man artit in the show and shared his works and thoughts praising the value of Women, that was very emotional moment.

Among the topics in conversations, was the importance of places like Art Landing, a great alternative to change our communities for good. There are not only exhibits, but also lectures, worshops, instructional courses and other activities involving artists and people; like ongoing international artists and art exchange; Art Landing Gallery is becoming a multicultural center.

Art Landing is proud to have on the show the amazing work of creative talents such as Jennifer Lothrigel, Marina Smelik, Kelly Witte, Tracey Loftus, Tegan McLearnan, Teresa Casas and Maria Teresa Chavez who are based out of L.A. even in other states or countries and shipped their pieces for this show.


Thank you all artists for your patience, for sharing your work in this Gallery, for supporting activities like this, that surely help in make a big positive impact in our societies, in this Citiy of Inglewood, in this County of Los Angeles, in this world.

Sunday and Monday I am detailing the exhibition, they were some details that needed to be improved, so you can visit and find a better display of this exhibition till the clossing reception on April.

Again Our deepest Gratitude and appreciation to all women, to Michelle V Duman, Paty Oscos, to all Talented Artists in this Celebrations honoring Women!



Eduardo Bonilla                 March 2018

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