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29313518_10155666509534794_1557328770430402560_n (2).jpgWhen Honorable Michelle V Duman, was at the opening reception for Art Show About Women was important to all.  She  really has a power to call. Her elegant and intelligent personality  filled the room and her kind  attitute towards everyone had a positive impact, specially with the artists, therefore in our communities. Thank so Much Michelle for sharing your energy.

IMG_20180327_131208411 (2).jpg


Jasimen Phillips is an  artist that had a chance to meet Michelle, they  talked about the importance of the art and the necessity of places like Art Landing, praticularly in the neighborhoods lots of talents  and skills but with with less possibilities to develop, their capacities and venues to expose their creativity.

IMG_20180327_131207008 (2).jpg


Jasimen motivated took the initiative of  implementing a  production of a series of interviews with artists that have been part of Art Landing. they will have the chance to talk about the process and purpose of their own artwork and their opinion about the  influence this particular venue might  have had on them.

Obviously there are many artists interested in participating in this project and others on sight.

Sara Benowitz is the first artist. She is La Madrina of this video interviews. Recently based in Los Angeles, Sara is an artist with art studies and exhibitions  mainly in Philladephia, Pennsylvania  and New York. Each of her pieces hava a story and more than one has a piece of her own biography, of her own life.Sara b Don't Let Anybody (Especially You)   Trash You.JPG

IMG_20180327_131144363 (2).jpg



video will be posted  in few days as editing is done.

Thank you  Jasimen, Sarah and all artists for time energy creativity support..





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