Artist Riffing by Michael Cormier

Exhibition dates extended

Closing Reception

Sunday July 22nd.     5 pm


ARTIST RIFFING IMAGE FLYER“Artist Riffing” Solo Art Exhibition.

by Michael Cormier


When we were looking at his Visual Artwork, it was hard to decide wich series would fit for the show. Michael has a wide body of work in diverse styles and themes, skillfully created. After some considerations, we selected the pieces where he explores the world of other artists (most of them well known) and creates his own visions.2018-22-5--22-44-33(2).jpg
Along with his talent, his experience and preparation are good enough to consider this, one of the best collections since the viewer will find all of Michael’s gifts and a bit of his own life on each piece.
Michael Cormier received his training first in his country Canada, at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Later, he also received further training at Los Angeles City College and Otis Art Institute.

Version 2
Michael Cormier and Scott Hiltzik at opening of the Musical “The Story of Alice”

Michael Cormier is also a writer, one great example is “The Story Of Alice” the Musical, he wrote with talented composer Scot Hiltzik. run at The Matrix Theater in Hollywood.
As a visual artist, Michael has shown in several group shows as well as solo shows Playa Vista Library and the James Grey Gallery in the world famous Bergamot Station in Santa Monica and some more at Cultural Interiors and Inglewood Library at City of Inglewood where Michael now is a happy resident and an active artist.
Art Landing Gallery proudly host this exhibition entiltled

“Artist Riffing”  Solo Art Exhibition.

Here are some words from the artist himself, as an statment for the exhibition and to know a little more why the riffing:

” I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume”

               So wrote Walt Whitman in his famous, “Song of Myself”.  In every painting I likewise attempt to instill some part of myself, some mysterious flame of life; and if these paintings are able to connect in such a way with you, dear viewer, that you feel even a bit more alive from the experience, then I will have succeeded admirably.

   I believe that every serious artist, consciously or unconsciously, serves as a bridge between the past and the future. In these paintings on display before you I show my indebtedness to past masters and carry on the tradition of artists freely borrowing from each other, just as Rembrandt borrowed from Peter Paul Reuben’s in his, Descent From the Cross (1632), clearly patterned after Reuben’s’ painting of the same name (1612-1614), and as Edouard Manet in his , Luncheon On the Grass (1863), showed his reverence for the old masters, particularly for Raphael’s, Judgment of Paris (1512) as well as Titian’s, Concert Champitre (1508-1509). I believe in the creative spirit, open communication and the free exchange of ideas. I hope this show serves those beliefs and may inspire viewers to greater heights and broader horizons.

Thank you, Eduardo Bonilla and Art Landing Gallery, for giving me the opportunity to present this show. Art Landing Gallery is a wonderful venue where artists and art lovers can mingle, laugh, share stories and ideas, and plant seeds for a brighter future guided by love and creativity. ” Michael Cormier

              Art Landing is honored to present an Inaugurational Performance
by Ellen Burr, Masterful Flutist specializing in improvisation and contemporary classic

Special Participation of Fabulous Jazz Singer BARBARA MORRISON

at the Opening Reception for the show
scheduled for Saturday June 23rd. from 5:00 to 9:00 pm

Art Show will be open and free to the public with art works for display /sale
from June 23 to July 14, 2018

At Art Landing Gallery

1146 South Inglewood Ave.
Inglewood, Ca 90301
ph: 213 – 858- 2144          e. mail:

2018-22-5--22-44-33(2)-5387(0)-5392(0)24 wide by 36 high Title Discovery20180523_194640oil on canvas, 36 in. By 36 un., The Morning AfterPablo Smokes 20 wide by 24 high30 wide by 24 high Minor Adjustment20180523_19360518 wide by 23 Down That Lonesome Highway

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