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L. A. based artist from Oaxaca Mexico, works with digital media, specifically photography and videography.

   Eduardo has  4 years of experience and specializes in journalist photography and individual portraits as well.

     As a member of many communities, he participates in events, gatherings and meetings held in the Los Angeles area to promote the diversity and well being of the city and all its people.  

ed Hippocrates

Pershing Square Sunset.jpg  Pershing Square Sunset      Medium: Photography      12×24 in     2017
Price: $120       OPENING SALE PRICE   $ 75
Angel's View.jpg
     Angel’s View               Medium: Photography           12×24 in                2016
Price: $120    OPENING SALE PRICE  $75
Distopia (1).jpg
      Distopia               Medium: Photography            Size: 12×36 in         2015Price: $180          opening sale price…   $90
DTLA Rain.jpg
 DTLA Rain Photography       12×24           2016
Price: $120                    opening sale price   $75
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