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Art Landing Gallery has been the great venue for showcasing best art in Southern California,  since the inauguration on August 2017, international and local artists have been part of the magnificent exibitions.   Women artists have  been strong asset in these active events.  Women are important subject, an source of inspiration for creatives in any discipline.

Spring 2018 goes on with this important topic, from may 12 to 26 an art show sharing interpretations and  expressions by another creative minds:

Esprit du Femme  …Art Exhibition

Featuring visual fine artwork exploring the Spirit of Women
produced by a group of talented and representative artists From Los Angeles

Barbara Katz Bierman

“Colors color my life, for life without color would feel empty to me. The face and the eyes
have voices of their own. As my brush keeps moving, my mind is floating. Through my
moving hand I create works that transcend people, places, music and events. My
imagination is limitless. My boundaries are endless .I follow my own feelings. I create
from my heart with all of the passion that seems to flow. My truest being is forever in the
creative process.”

Barbara Katz Bierman.jpg

Elizabeth Espinoza

Her images are highly influenced by her lifelong interest in the culture of the Pacific Islands. She creates images of dancers by capturing their grace with vivid colors, and the beauty of the Pacific Island culture. But, is not limited to this. Elizabeth enjoys exploring different mediums to create these images, using Acrylics, Ink, Water Colors, Gouache, Paper, Chalk Pastels, and Wood Burning captures the essence of her subject. She also draws on her culture as a Latin American Women, mother, and teacher.

Elizabeth Strange Fruit, Nina Simone_ (2).jpg


Krista Parada

I strive to showcase the strength and power we have as women of color. To show
the beauty of my indigenous sisters. As an artist my vision is to paint strong imagery
of such warrior women.thumbnail_image1.jpg

Lori Antoinette

My Journey…
A graduate of Fine Art from the University of Maryland, College Park,
I started out as an oil painter predominantly, later switching to acrylics.
I spent 30 years enjoying world travel while working for international airline
area art collective and co-owned a downtown gallery, became certified in
textile design, and had my own wearable arts business.
When I discovered chalk on the ground at the first Pasadena (CA) Chalk
Festival, it was love at first chalk!
at the same time keeping both hands in the arts. I was in a Los AngelesJosephine for President.jpg

Marcella Swett

Swett is a native of Southern California. She recieveived a BFA From California State University Fullerton. She began exhibiting her work as a teen and has continued to exhibit while maintaning a variety of art related careers for over 30 years. Working comfortably in several mediums she also enjoys creating both reprsentaional work and non objective abstracted work as well. Her representaional work often contains a narrative element whereas her abstract is a direct response to her love of nature and patterns found under a microscope.MarcelaMy Shell Does Not Define Me.jpg

Mri Scott ElBey

Much of her work is inspired by a dream she had of The Lady Bennu (Phoenix Bird) and
emanates from her rich spiritual life, love of nature, watching things and people grow,
and her love for the creative process. It often deals with the subject of breaking through
obstacles and transformation, expressing oneself and sometimes, good old fashioned
fun! One of her favorite creative processes is to sit down with various art supplies –
sometimes found objects, and with no plan, improvise her way to a finished work. The
process and the results are always fascinating to observe.2018-04-07 18.47.17 (2).jpg

Marz Pacheco

“Painting is the key to my invisible door, my way into the great unknown, to give my words a voice.
It started with crayons and a Big Chief notepad many years ago. Over time, my love of art led to a thirst for knowledge and a focus on classical oil techniques. From the start of preparing the canvas to taking the final brushstroke, art has always struck me as mystical. The continuation of learning and creating only adds to that mysticism, the beauty and power of art. Painting gives me a sense of accomplishment and purity”.Marz  Nada Tema.jpg

Meet the Artists    opening Reception

Saturday  May 12    6:pm

1146 S. Inglewood Ave
Inglewood, Ca 90301


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