His – Panic, Visual Arts Exhibition. Press Release


Art Landing Gallery Hispanic Art Show.jpg              Art Landing Gallery has just finished its first art group exhibition,  since the beginning on August 12, despite adverse situations and minor obstacles, we can say that the proposed mission is on the right track.
The effort, the will and the love dedicated by those who participated to start the project are giving favorable results. From the artists, who immediately offered to share their work, representatives of the community, such as Assemblyman Maxine Waters, who showed interest and acted at the inauguration to know the plans personally, as did councilman Eloy Morales Jr. who kindly offered his willingness to support; the people of the same city who have expressed their acceptance because now in their community there is a place worthy to enrich everyday life without having to go to distant places. In general the reactions have been satisfactory. It may influence that Art Landing is a gallery without the rigidity of traditional galleries but with seriousness as to the work.

 Despite the short time, there are many anecdotes that could tell, all are motivating to follow. Artists in the Los Angeles area are generally happy to have another space to express themselves and the society feels great to have a gallery in their neighorhood, they kind of feel the gallery as their own.

Inglewood is a diverse, hard-working, evolving society with a desire for art and culture. They say that is a community that requires spaces like the one we have started. It is satisfying to see how we have motivated talents of the people living in the locality, we have awakened the artistic skills they had hidden, they have shown an interest in the workshops and events programmed.
With the Plural Expresion 2017 Exhibition that included 20 artists of different nationalities and with more than 50 pieces in various techniques, We have realized that regardless of age, visitors enjoy and admire art in any style and technique, there are even those who have already acquired works to start their own collection of them.


The agenda of activities continues with His – Panic, Visual Arts Exhibition in this way Art Landing Gallery joins the celebrations of the National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15 in the United States, when people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the group’s heritage and culture.

       Hispanic is a group in our communities that has helped become this nation strong. There is  hispanic energy all around and in all activities. Art is not left behind and prooof  of this is the magnificent pieces featured in this exhibition with  visual works in techniques that demonstrate the creativity of select talented artists not necesarrily hispanic  but any artists expressing with their own  forms or  manifestation about  this group  in societey.

Participating  Artists

Juliana Martinez

Katie McGuire

Lesley Pedomo


Eduardo Bonilla

Daisy Z

V 4 J J


Innocent Mind, soul latin musical artist
Delacosta, psychedelic west coast music
Sound Creatives are included to perform for

His – Panic, Visual Arts Exhibition,

on the Reception event scheduled for September 23 at 6:00 pm

The Exhibition will be on show to the public

from september 16 to October 12, 2017


at Art Landing Gallery Located on 1146 S. INGLEWOOD AVE – INGLEWOOD, CA 90301

—– PH: 213-858 2144 + open daiiy 12 a to 9 p – Mondays Closed or by appointment

Art Landing Gallery Hispanic Art Show.jpg

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