Important Statement:

logo artlanding - Copy.jpgAttentive statement :

Thank you each and everyone!

1. Sheryl Benjy
2. Anna Maly
3. Celestine
4. Katie McGuire
5. Jeongmyo Kim
6. Antonio Escalante
7. Mary Moir
8. Nirali Thakkar
9. Narges Noroozi
10. Stephanie Khodorkovsky
11. Diana Simon
12. Eduardo Lopez
13. Justin Mwaka
14. Raymond Gonzalez
15. Maria Teresa Chavez
16. Cristina Jimenez
17. Fabi Hola
18. David Hernandez
19. Juliana Martinez
20. Katie McGuire
21. Low Bit Logic
22. Lesley Perdomo
23. Eduardo Bonilla
24. Daisy Z
25. V4
26. Jose Angel Hernandez
27. Karen Hochman Brown
28. Krista Parada
29. Leticia Villa
30. Lesley Perdomo
31. Aaron Hernandez
32. Antelmo Montez
33. Ernie Herrera
34. Joey E
35. Sylvia Schorn
36. Kevin Newton
37. Tracey Loftus
38. Lynda Levy
39. Klaus Pinter
40. Kelly Witte
41. Jasimen Phillips
42. Gabriela Ramirez
43. Marina Smelik
44. Ian Mark Stewart
45. Zach Kennah
46. Beth Maddox
47. Qin Zhang
48. Sara Benowitz
49. Alejandro Alonso
50. James Farrell
51. Michael Leone
52. Cesar Bernal
53. Ellen Freyer
54. Cindy Aranas
55. Bonsalles Mwangi
56. Connie Vee
57. Debbie YJ Lin
58. Grace Divine
59. Jennifer Lothrigel
60. Jora Nelstein
61. Lucie Hinden
62. Nicole Fournier
63. Nina Luna
64. Patricia Salcedo
65. Robyn Alatorre
66. Tasha Auset
67. Tere Casas
68. Wendy Ramirez
69. Marz Pacheco
70. Teagan McLarnan
71. Valentina Forte-Hernandez
72. Barbara Katz Bierman
73. Elizabeth Espinoza
74. Krista Parada
75. Lori Antoinette
76. Marcella Swett
77. Mri Scott ElBey
78. Michael Cormier
79. Keenan Chapman
80. Lennox Middle School

Our gratitude for your support to the arts and culture. 

it represented  lots of  work  and  efforts from artists and people at the  gallery.

it is important  to infrorm you that,

For organizational  and human resources reasons,

Art Landing Gallery has been making adjustments and updates in all areas,
We apologize and regret the inconveniences caused, we hope your understanding before this situation. 

Gallery will remain closed Tuesday 5 and Wednesday June 6.
there are still pieces of past exhibitions, we inform you that:
From June 7 to 20, the works will be shipped back to artists outside Los Angeles and
Local artists who still have pieces should pick them up from June 7 to 20.

For more Information contact: Patti Oscos , Administrative Office 310 – 341 52 33

Deep Appreciation to all artists and institutions for their valuable participation in the First Cycle of Activities at Art Landing Gallery.
Art Landing Continues regular activities and schedule on Thurday June 7th,

pleased to invite everyone to the next events:

Closing Reception for Esprit Du Femme Art Exibition, Saturday June 9th at 6 pm

Opening Reception Artist Riffing by Michel Cormier, Solo Exhibition. Saturday June 23rd at 5 pmARTIST RIFFING FLYER (2)

we are also  preparing dates for Plural Expression Show 2018  this summer as well as other projects from  former  artists

Cordially, Art Landing Gallery

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