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Artist Statement

Process defines all my artwork. I believe in consistency of practice. The idea of doing something over and over again creates a beautiful repetition of style. This style I define in my self-portraits and abstract work. To produce this work I use a variety of materials. Acrylic paints, gouache, oil pastels, India ink, charcoal, pens, pencils, and highlighters are in use. My self-portraits represent me at various emotional states. Recreating these moments is my most honest approach to art making. I can’t hide. My vulnerability is exposed.

My abstract work is rooted in my desire to remove objects. Every day we see objects. We live with objects. We buy and discard objects daily. I refuse to allow the object any more privilege. I begin with just a line. I want the line to live freely and unrestrictive from objects. The line evolves quickly into the chaos I create as process takes over and the beauty of repetition is born. I seek questions. My abstract work is built upon using any medium to validate the expression.

The video and audio work I create is a service to experimenting with storytelling. I enjoy the risks I take with my video art. By allowing myself to make mistakes, I am less conservative in my approach. Like my 2D work, my videos represent a process: various amounts of edits selected randomly at specific events. Intuition plays a massive role. My audio work is built upon my love of electronic music.

SP_some days_2017.png
Some Days   2017   Print  14 x 17 ” framed    Sale $  490.00
Summit   2016   Print  14 x 17 ” framed    Sale $  490.00


the last happy hour.png
The Last Happy Hour      Mixed Media/ Watercolor paper    27 x 21 ” framed    Sale $  990.00
Untitled      Mixed Media/ Watercolor paper    23 x 21=9 ” framed    Sale $  650.00




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