Mario Loprete


Mario Loprete is a talented and productive artist born in Catanzaro Italy

2000 – 2007  Academia de Belle Arti , Catanzaro, Italy

He has been at Art Landing Gallery since Visual Arts Exhibition on September 2017.  Mario works in projects at Art Landing  for Los Angeles Area.

Moralmoda Magazine


Proud and happy to share his recent interview for Moralmoda Magazine. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We are honored to be mentioned as a reference among his many important venues and exhibitions. 



mario loprete file

mario-loprete-43-2.jpgsergio olio su tela 120 x 150 2013



mario loprete-44 (2)


mario loprete-42 (2).jpg

mario loprete-45 (2)

mario loprete-46 (2)

mario loprete-50 (2)

mario loprete-51 (2)

mario loprete-52 (2)

mario loprete-53 (2).jpg





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