press release

Press Release

                     Not only Planes, but Now,  …Art is Landing off at LAX
     Have you noticed?: …when people talk about Art life in Cities of Los Angeles, we commonly hear DTLA, Culver City, NoHo, NeLa, Santa Monica, Mid-Cities, East L. A., etc. But it is rare to hear someone mentioning Inglewood.
    It Seems like things are changing, lately, we have seen outbreaks of new places to create or to express all around Los Angeles, more artists and creatives are moving out from traditional cities, maybe because high rents or other reason.
     In Inglewood, where planes are landing everyday, Art Landing Gallery lands off and will become the new art spot to watch in L.A.
    The Grand Opening, On August 12, will feature Art Works in different media, in traditional and modern styles by International Artists, former members of Plural Expression, a diverse group of artists created in 2005, a team of creatives that had lived, influenced and supported the art scene in Los Angeles for last two decades. Some of them became active community leaders, art provocateurs and great artists above all. It will be very interesting to observe the evolution in their works after all this time at the exhibit.
    Also on the show,  great artists that have shared exhibits with group members, such us: Sheryl Benjy, Anna Maly, Antonio Escalante, Maria Teresa Chavez, David Hernandez, Faby Hola and more to be confirmed.
    Eduardo Bonilla is coordinator at Art Landing, He is here to use his experience in art and cultural promotion in communities… since 1998 when he opened his fisrt art venue, where tremendous number of artists came out to the public eye and ignited a socio economic cultural movement that keeps going to date.
      The plans include supporting established, emmerging, local and international artists. Starting with an Agreement of exchange with Instituto de la Cultura de Zacatecas (one of the cities with most museums in Mexico), also looking forward to work in similar projects with other institutions and galleries.

Art Landing wants to get artists involved , but also involve the local community, eager to do something different then just go to work-go back home and watch tv; (without having to drive far), in the creative process by means of different projects, starting with: “If You Know, …Share, If You dont, …See How ! “
     City of Inglewood is diverse, is an always changing community. If you don’t believe me, just look at the megaprojects to open in few months. Art Landing is getting ready to support the city and its hardworking society.
    The City of Champions soon might be The City of the Arts too,   because  in Inglewood  …Art is starting to land.

        Located on 1146 South Inglewood Avenue, near La Cienega blvd / 405 fwy, Art Landing Gallery is projected to influence most areas as a connecting axis between the bays and inland cities and will be open to the public from 11 am to 9 pm everyday, mondays closed.

Inglewood Ca,  July 2017

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