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Original Fine Art 
We offer original artwork for sale from our consigned and resident artists.
We have selected art works to give you high quality, innovative and strong pieces that you can add to your collection, there’s a variety in styles and techniques to satisfy all tastes.

Renting-Leasing Artworks
Renting art is a good way to have a temporary solution to enhance your home,  office, business party or function. Let us help you make that decision to make your place or event a success.
Commissioned Portraits and other works
In case you want to preserve the special dear one on a portrait, or maybe you’ve got something in mind, a mural, maybe? Talk to us.
Space rental
Renting the space for an intimate art show. It is a great chance to show and share your art with the community that is constantly changing.  Art and culture in the vicinity will be brightly enhanced. Share your creativity in a greatnew venue and potentially sell.
Art Landing is available for you or your organization for Temporary and Pop up Art Shows, Social Events, Lectures, etc.

Classes / Workshops
We offer the service of classes/workshops in and out site.
The classes/workshops are specific and comprehensive to accommodate anyone’s needs, to improve, enrich and learn. art and crafts. We offer the space for small groups for classes/workshops for anyone interested in learning/teaching process.
Graphic Design
We can design logos, business cards, letterheads, menus, flyers, postcards, etc. Our service will help relieve you of the stress in finding the right design for you or your business having a product done with the artistic touch.
Theme Decoration Service
whenever you are planning a Party or event, we can assist you in setting up the right festive unique ornaments to enhance the celebration.



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