Sheryl Benjy

a Beverly Hills Ca,  resident Artist with diverse talent and gifted with the sensibility that has opened her ways to creativity since childhood.

“The biggest symbol in all of my paintings is the gold necklace on all the women in my paintings.  It signifies the shining light that each person has inside of them that is waiting to be unveiled.  I have always enjoyed making paintings of women that I admire. Women that have a certain presence, an inner and outer beauty. Inspiration comes to me in many forms. It may be a picture I see on a magazine cover, in my yoga instructor, friend or sister.

There is something I see in them that shines and I have a deep desire to paint them and let the world see who they really are, magnificent and beautiful.

My art has this whimsical quality to it, a flow of curvy lines and so many colors, I LOVE color!  I use very specific hand made paper in most of my mixed media paintings.

There is something magical and serene for me when I complete a piece.  The best part is when I find a special home for my artwork. When I see the excitement and appreciation of the person it is going to, I get a deep sense of pride and I am filled with gratitude.”

Here are some Samples of her work and link to her sites

Sheryl Benjy


Sheryl Benjy


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Sheryl Benjy
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